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Smart Citizen announces new research projects in the following areas:


- Transit Information Improvement - identify current sensor data that improves the use of transit


- Smart Citizen Data Service Catalog - a standardized catalog of data that helps to improve the citizen engagement and interactivity, while providing useful information to the citizen


- Smart Tourism- improving tourist experiences by providing relevant information to their smartphone


- Smart Citizen Startup Kit - identifying already available apps that can be integrated into any open data city.


- Smart Safety - research into improving response times and improving pre-responder intelligence.



Smart Citizen's focus on improving communication and collaboration helps your company to succeed, allowing your business to run smarter by helping your employees and customers be smarter. Smart Citizen can provide analysis and implementation of customer communication and enablement programs and employee enablement.  Focused on solutions within your budget and timeframe. From mobility solutions, simple web page presence, up through interactive enablement campaigns, Smart Citizen Technology can provide it all.
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